Just 30 years ago, today!
(30th october 1989)

Jimmy Somerville featuring June Miles-Kingston


It was Jimmy’s first solo single,
reaching n°14 on the UK Singles Chart,
n°3 in France and Ireland.

Even before The Communards disbanded Jimmy was working on a solo project. First in line was a song by Françoise Hardy [french lyrics written by Serge Gainsbourg] from 20 years previous, Comment Te Dire Adieu which had lyrics that took on added depth in light of the AIDS crisis. […] « When we started working on it, I thought it was be great to do a duet with June Miles-Kingston, and when I started working with Pascal [Gabriel, producer] and heard how it was sounding, I realized that yeah, this would make a great single. » [Graham Ames, June 2012]


Adieu 30 years ago

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