35 years ago, today!

WHY? the amazing second single
by Bronski Beat out this day in 1984.

why 35

« This was written for Martin, a friend of the Bronskis who was hounded out of the country by his boyfriend’s irate and violent parents. It’s a measure of what makes this lot speciel that they’ve managed to parcel up all their anger about Martin’s harrassment into a joyous disco record that’s almost certain to storm the dancefloors. » (Smash Hits, sept. 84)

The song was also dedicated to the memory of playwright Drew Griffiths, a victim of a homophobic murder in 1984. The case has never been solved and nobody has been brought to justice.

why 35 (2)

Reached :
2 in Netherlands
3 in Belgium
5 in Germany
6 in UK and Ireland
7 in Switzerland
8 in France
10 in Australia
11 in New Zealand
20 in US (Billboard Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales)

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