08 avril 2020

BRONSKI BEAT with MARC ALMOND: I Feel Love | 35 years ago!

35 years ago, today! I feeL Love bronski beatmarc almond out this day in 1985.   original artwork with giant sticker for promotional display in recordstore original video directed by Connie Giannaris TOTP appearance at n°7 Live at Golden Rose, Montreux, may 85    

27 février 2020

Jimmy Somerville: LEARNED TO TALK| 5 years ago!

LEARNED TO TALK was released 5 years ago today! This single is taken from Jimmy's solo album HOMAGE. « It’s about understanding that if you allow yourself to open up and connect to your heart and have your heart and mind work together you can actually be aware and be involved in much more and allow yourself to be vulnerable. » (JS, 2015) Jimmy Somerville - Learned To TalkJimmy Somerville chats about his new single 'Learned To Talk'
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05 janvier 2020

Jimmy Somerville: MIGHTY REAL | 30 years ago!

"I wanted to do it as a tribute, but I wanted to do it as a celebration." (JS, 2012)YOU MAKE ME FEEL (MIGHTY REAL) was released 30 years ago! It spent three weeks in the UK top ten singles chart, achieving a high of #5, higher than any other version of the song...
30 octobre 2019

Jimmy Somerville feat. June Miles-Kingston: ADIEU! | 30 years ago!

Just 30 years ago, today!(30th october 1989) COMMENT TE DIRE ADIEU was released!Jimmy Somerville featuring June Miles-Kingston It was Jimmy’s first solo single,reaching n°14 on the UK Singles Chart,n°3 in France and Ireland. Even before The Communards disbanded Jimmy was working on a solo project. First in line was a song by Françoise Hardy [french lyrics written by Serge Gainsbourg] from 20 years previous, Comment Te Dire Adieu which had lyrics that took on added depth in light of the AIDS crisis. […] « When we started... [Lire la suite]
18 octobre 2019

Jimmy Somerville: COME ON | 15 years ago!

Just 15 years ago, today! 18th October 2004 The Hi-NRJ dance track COME ON was released as the first commercial single* from the album 'Home Again'. (* It's So Good, released in June was essentially a promotional single). COME ON was co-written and produced with Peter Plate (from the successful german duo Rosenstolz).
14 septembre 2019

Bronski Beat: Why? | 35 years ago!

35 years ago, today! WHY? the amazing second single by Bronski Beat out this day in 1984. « This was written for Martin, a friend of the Bronskis who was hounded out of the country by his boyfriend’s irate and violent parents. It’s a measure of what makes this lot speciel that they’ve managed to parcel up all their anger about Martin’s harrassment into a joyous disco record that’s almost certain to storm the dancefloors. » (Smash Hits, sept. 84) The song was also dedicated to the memory of playwright Drew Griffiths, a... [Lire la suite]

24 mai 2019

Jimmy Somerville: Lay Down | 20 years ago!

Released 20 years ago today (24th May 1999), the single ‘LAY DOWN’ was a few weeks ahead of a new album ‘Manage The Damage’. For Jimmy, to sample the song ‘Contact’ was to pay tribute to its author, Serge Gainsbourg, who was a true genius.     "LAY DOWN"is available onMANAGE THE DAMAGE3 DISC EXPANDED EDITION>> HERE <<
08 février 2018

This is a song by The Communards... For A Friend | 8th february 1988

Official Jimmy Somerville FanPage & jimmysomerville.canalblog.com present: It was thirty years ago! THIS  IS  A  SONG  BY THE COMMUNARDS... FOR A FRIEND...;........  the eighth sensitive and delicate single of Jimmy Somerville & Richard Colesdedicated to their friend Mark Ashton who died from AIDS a year before, almost day to day.    
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03 novembre 2017

The Communards: Never Can Say Goodbye | 24th october 1987

Official Jimmy Somerville FanPage & jimmysomerville.canalblog.com present: It was thirty years ago! NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE the seventh single of THE COMMUNARDS The single became n°4 in the UK charts! This song was written by Clifton Davis and originally recorded by The Jackson 5 and has been covered most notably in 1974 by Gloria Gaynor.     UK releases7": LON 158a] Never Can Say Goodbye (7" remix by Shep Pettibone)b] '77, The Great Escape 12": LONX 158a] Never Can Say Goodbye (extended mix by Shep... [Lire la suite]
01 septembre 2017

Jimmy Somerville: Dark Sky | september 1997

Official Jimmy Somerville FanPage & jimmysomerville.canalblog.com present: It was 20 years ago! Dark Sky (easily broken)
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