06 octobre 2012

Jimmy Somerville: Solent EP, now on CD!

After the digital release on 28th May, Solent EP is now available on CD!It is only on bandcamp for £3.99 or more. This is ‘Solent’, the third in a series of EPs from Jimmy. A follow up to the upbeat electronica of the ‘Bright Thing’ EP and the darker 'Momentum' EP this collection of glitzy electro-pop is both an homage to the dance music of Jimmy's youth and a showcase of his seriously contemporary yet timeless sound. Featuring remixes from Fred Falke, Siriusmo, John Winfield and Felix Gauder.
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28 mai 2012


Après Bright Thing et Momentum, voici donc le nouvel EP Solent qui complète la fructueuse collaboration entre Jimmy et John Winfield (de toute évidence le duo en écriture et composition convient parfaitement à Jimmy : Richard Coles, Gary Butcher, Sally Herbert et maintenant John Winfield).Solent se caractérise à l'image de Bright Thing par l'efficacité, les moments plus introspectif de Momentum en sont absents.  Les 5 nouvelles chansons et 3 remixes, qui composent cet EP de presque 35 minutes, ne sont disponibles qu'en format... [Lire la suite]
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10 mai 2012

New EP: SOLENT release dates, artwork, remixes and tracklisting

The Solent EP will be released Worldwide on Monday 28th May - except Germany where it will be available on Friday 25th May and the USA where it will be available on Tuesday 29th May..! And which will feature remixes from Fred Falke, Felix Gauder and John Winfield. Track listing for the new EP (almost an album..?!) will be as follows... 1. Some Wonder 2. Kite (Siriusmo remix) 3. Taken Away 4. Reconciliation 5. Why Did It End This Way? 6. Some Wonder (Felix Gauder full length remix) 7. Taken Away (Fred Falke full length remix) 8. Some... [Lire la suite]
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09 mai 2012

New EP: SOLENT taster

A taster of just some of the tracks from the forthcoming Jimmy Somerville EP 'Solent' [HERE] featuring 1. Some Wonder (Felix Gauder remix) [taster]2. Taken Away [taster]3. Kite [taster]4. Some Wonder [taster]
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