21 mai 2020

The Communards: First ever concert at Bodyrok, Paris, 21st May 1985 | 35 years ago!

21st may 1985, just 35 years ago ! Very first ever concert of the duo Jimmy Somerville and Richard Coles which is still called "Body Politic" at that time. It was in Paris at the Bodyrok (30, rue Gramont - 75002). They interpreted ten songs with only Jimmy's voice accompanied by Richard's piano. The audience discovers titles like You Are My World and La Dolarosa for the first time but also covers like Summertime and Sentimental Journey… It was during this same period that Mark Ashton takes Jimmy and Richard to see where the... [Lire la suite]

10 février 2017

Mark Ashton (19 May 1960 – 11 February 1987)

"As I watch the sun go down, watching the world fade awayAll the memories of you come rushing back to me..."For A Friend by The Communards Mark AshtonGay rights activist and member of the Communist Party of Great BritainEngaged in:London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard,Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament,Lesbian & Gay Youth Video Project (Framed Youth),Lesbian & Gay Supports the Minersand Red Wedge...       Enregistrer
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