03 mai 2016

Jimmy Somerville: Club Homage | OUT NOW!

Every track of Club Homage are or will be available on YouTube. Don't forget to order your CD!          

14 février 2016

"Lovers Unlimited", an EP with Jimmy Somerville & John Winfield

'Lovers Unlimited' Jimmy Somerville & John Winfield have a little team called Hotplate production,and now they present an EP with:The Faithettes, Matthew David, Gillian Wisdom, Caroline Buckley and Sidney Bishop.The Faithettes are Paloma Faith's live band with Nim Miller, Miss Baby Sol and Janelle Martin on backing vocals, who also appear on Jimmy Somerville last album 'Homage'. 1 As Long As I Breathe 4'34Sidney Bishop | The Faithettes | Jimmy Somerville | John Winfield2 Don't Hold Back 3'41Caroline Buckley | Jimmy Somerville... [Lire la suite]
11 septembre 2015

Jimmy Somerville: Strong Enough | New Single!

OUT NOW! available on 11th September 2015, contains 7 tracks including mixes by Tom Moulton and John Winfield. 1 Strong Enough (radio edit) 3'422 Strong Enough (extended mix) 7:093 Strong Enough (John Winfield remix) 5:164 Strong Enough (Tom Moulton 12" mix) 7:255 Back to Me (extended mix) 8:046 Strong Enough (radio edit instrumental) 3:507 Strong Enough (a-cappella) 3:17     On:- muzoic- iTunes- amazon UK- amazon France- amazon Germany- amazon Spain
25 février 2015

Jimmy Somerville: HOMAGE | Membran CD edition!

Title: HOMAGEArtist: Jimmy SomervilleLabel: Membran Media GmbHCopyright: Jess-E Musique Ltd. Cat. n°: 233892 Release: 6th march 2015 CD    233892 (EU, Membran) > gatefold sleeve + booklet        1 [3'54] Some Wonder (120 bpm)        2 [4'19] Strong Enough (123 bpm)        3 [3'37] Freak (120 bpm)        4 [4'39] Taken Away (123 bpm)        5 [4'45] Back To Me (120 bpm)        6... [Lire la suite]
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08 février 2014

Jimmy Somerville: a "DISCOtastic" new album in 2014

A complete new "disco" album, produced by John Winfield (Home Again, Bright Thing EP, Momentum EP and Solent EP), and a first single remixed by the legendary disco producer Tom Moulton All the songs were not sung yet... No release date...
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06 octobre 2012

Jimmy Somerville: Solent EP, now on CD!

After the digital release on 28th May, Solent EP is now available on CD!It is only on bandcamp for £3.99 or more. This is ‘Solent’, the third in a series of EPs from Jimmy. A follow up to the upbeat electronica of the ‘Bright Thing’ EP and the darker 'Momentum' EP this collection of glitzy electro-pop is both an homage to the dance music of Jimmy's youth and a showcase of his seriously contemporary yet timeless sound. Featuring remixes from Fred Falke, Siriusmo, John Winfield and Felix Gauder.
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28 mai 2012


Après Bright Thing et Momentum, voici donc le nouvel EP Solent qui complète la fructueuse collaboration entre Jimmy et John Winfield (de toute évidence le duo en écriture et composition convient parfaitement à Jimmy : Richard Coles, Gary Butcher, Sally Herbert et maintenant John Winfield).Solent se caractérise à l'image de Bright Thing par l'efficacité, les moments plus introspectif de Momentum en sont absents.  Les 5 nouvelles chansons et 3 remixes, qui composent cet EP de presque 35 minutes, ne sont disponibles qu'en format... [Lire la suite]
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10 juin 2011

Jimmy Somerville: brand new EP

Jimmy has just finished a new EP to be entitled 'Momentum EP' which will feature 5 new original tracks and 2 remixes...release will be the 27th of June. You can listen 30s extract of each song on iTunes or others! 1. Mountains [3'39]2. Make Way Jerusalem [4'17]3. The Core [3'54]4. Was Like A Thunder [3'50]5. Amen [3'49]6. Mountains (John Winfield remix) [5'37]7. The Core (John Winfield remix) [6'27] A snippet is available on YouTube to discover 'Momentum EP':http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf7yobaR3X0&feature=player_profilepage
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10 novembre 2010

Jimmy Somerville: "Bright Thing EP" suite

On en sait désormais un peu plus sur le "Bright Thing EP" :- les 4 chansons ont été produites par Jimmy et John Winfield (qui a déjà travaillé sur "Home Again" en 2004 pour "Burn" et "What's Your Game"),- "Bright Thing" est la chanson choisie pour promouvoir le EP sur les radios françaises,- devant l'accueil révervé aux 4 titres, il semble qu'un projet de "Bright Thing EP deluxe" soit envisagé par la suite avec des remixes de Thomas Schumacher, Robert Dietz, Julian Chaptel et Felix Gauder. Pour plus d'informations, voir l'article... [Lire la suite]
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