08 avril 2020

BRONSKI BEAT with MARC ALMOND: I Feel Love | 35 years ago!

35 years ago, today! I feeL Love bronski beatmarc almond out this day in 1985.   original artwork with giant sticker for promotional display in recordstore original video directed by Connie Giannaris TOTP appearance at n°7 Live at Golden Rose, Montreux, may 85    

15 juillet 2012

Bronski Beat’s most complete discography on few CD

in addition of the album THE AGE OF CONSENT and the remix album HUNDREDS & THOUSANDS, you can find easily 7", 12" and remixed versions, but also b-sides and rarities on 4 CD: -1- THE AGE OF CONSENT Deluxe 2 CD Edition – 2012 -2- THE AGE OF CONSENT Digitally Remastered with Bonus Tracks – 1996 -3- HUNDREDS & THOUSANDS -1985 -4- THE VERY BEST OF JIMMY SOMERVILLE, BRONSKI BEAT and THE COMMUNARDS Collector’s Edition – 2002 -1- THE AGE OF CONSENT Deluxe 2 CD Edition – 2012-2- THE AGE OF CONSENT Digitally Remastered... [Lire la suite]
05 mai 2011

Discography: Bronski Beat

BRONSKI BEAT1984-1985Jimi Somerville, Larry Steinbachek and Steve Bronski Albums: THE AGE OF CONSENT  01. Why?  02. Ain't Necessarily So  03. Screaming  04. No More War  05. Love & Money  06. Smalltown Boy  07. Heatwave  08. Junk  09. Need A Man Blues  10. I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me  11. Smalltown Boy (full 12" version)*  12. Why? (full 12" version)*  * bonus tracks on CDHUNDREDS & THOUSANDS - THE REMIX PLUS  01. Heatwave (remix)  02. Why?... [Lire la suite]
29 octobre 2010

Bronski Beat: 4 x japanese 7"

Voici enfin réunis les 4 singles du Bronski Beat période Somerville en version japonaise. Le plus difficile à trouver et donc le dernier arrivé : I Feel Love. Petit plaisir de collectionneur, à vous d'apprécier ! 7"   S07P 1053   A Smalltown Boy  B Memories7"   S07P 1057   A Why?  B Cadillac Car7"   S07P 1060   A It Ain't Necessarily So  B Close To The Edge7"   S07P 1063   A I Feel Love  B Puit d'Amour