13 octobre 2014

Jimmy Somerville: 'Back To Me' & 'Smalltown Boy' (acoustic live at BBC) + interview with Richard Madeley

Jimmy Somerville chats and performs two tracks for Richard Madeley ahead of his new album, due for release next year. Tracklisting: - Back To Me - Smalltown Boy >>HERE<<
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19 septembre 2014

Jimmy Somerville: 'BACK TO ME' | OUT NOW!

BACK TO ME (radio edit)3'46 (C) 2014 Jess E Musique Ltd.
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29 août 2014

Jimmy Somerville: brand new single 'BACK TO ME' | Soon!

Great news from JSHQ:"A teasing piece of Disco news for the weekend -the first single to be released from the album will be a track called 'Back To Me' and available very soon... more on that next week! Here's a section of the artwork." “My new single 'Back to Me' has a groove to get your toe to move, or if you're feeling carefree.... all ten! A warm and tender love song to ease us into autumn with romance. It's a gentle taster of what's to come on the album 'Homage'." - Jimmy Somerville Back To Me... [Lire la suite]
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