03 décembre 2013

The Communards: New Limited Edition Communards Box Set on BandCamp

From Jimmy Somerville official Facebook page: "After the success of the Bronski Beat Box Set we are now offering a limited edition (only 100 available) Communards box set. Special box includes, Communards double CD, limited edition Communards T-Shirt and pin badge. All boxes will be signed by Jimmy! Go to Jimmy's bandcamp page to order: www.jimmysomerville.bandcamp.com "
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03 décembre 2013

Scratch Massive feat. Jimmy Somerville: on very limited 12" Vielspab 001

Title: VIELSPAB 001Artist: Scratch Massive feat. Jimmy Somerville / Astrodynamics / L.G. Rivales Label: Vielspab Cat. n°: VB001 Release: 2013 12": FR [VB001 - Vielspab] > 200 copies only with hand-numbered graphic insert (88/200)   A [4'37] Take Me There (instrumental extended version) by Scratch Massive feat. Jimmy Somerville    B [4'28] Acela (Baltimore version) by Astrodynamics       [6'26] Crime Watch (hallucinogenic re-dub) by L.G. Rivales front back
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05 novembre 2013

Jimmy Somerville: Smalltown Boy live in a street of Berlin

Depuis le 23 octobre, une vidéo capturée en pleine rue par un téléphone portable nous montre un chanteur de rue, guitare à la main, interprétant "Smalltown Boy" quand surgit Jimmy Somerville promenant un chien. Celui-ci (Jimmy, pas le chien !) lui prête main forte sans que le chanteur de rue ne se rende compte exactement à qui il a à faire ou presque !                     En fait le chanteur de rue se prénomme Jonas Mann et il appartient au Onkel Berni’s Butze (un show comique... [Lire la suite]
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14 mars 2013

Philippe Sarde: original score for "Harem" (1985)

Quartet Records presents the premiere release of Philippe Sarde’s score for the 1985 romantic drama Harem With the original song Hey Stranger! (better known as Stranger) performed by Jimmy Som(m)erville >>HERE<<  
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14 mars 2013

Bronski Beat: Hundreds & Thousands' Janice Long Radio Interview with Steve & Larry

In september 1985, to promote the remix album 'Hundreds & Thousands'. >>LISTEN<<    
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09 janvier 2013

Scratch Massive: Communion including Take Me There (live version) feat. Jimmy Somerville

Title: CommunionLabel: PschentRelease date : January 28, 2013CD & download 1 - Waiting For A Sign (live version feat. Koudlam)2 - Pleine Lune (live version)3 - Golden Dreams (live version)4 - Break Away (live version)5 - Girls On Top (2013 live version)6 - Waiting For A sign (Sex Shon mix - SM edit live version)7 - Paris  (live version feat. Daniel Agust)8 - Nuit De Mes Rêves (live version)9 - Take Me There (live version feat. Jimmy Somerville)10 - Closer  (live version feat. Chloé)
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12 décembre 2012

Limited Edition Bronski Beat Merch Box Set + Limited EP Bundle on CD

First: Limited Edition Bronski Beat Merch Box Set "Due to the incredible demand we are very pleased to announce the availability of a second,slightly alternative limited edition Bronski Beat Box Set (there will no more of these!)...and only 50 (61!) available..." Includes: - Bronski Beat T-Shirt (available in M / L / XL) - Bronski Beat Pin-Badge- Presentation Box Only ₤12 >>HERE<<     Second: Limited EP Bundle on CD "The EP collection to date features the EPs 'Bright Thing' 'Momentum' and 'Solent' and... [Lire la suite]
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29 octobre 2012

The Communards: The Collection

A new compilation without anything new! No rare version, no photo, no sleeve note... only a good variation of the Communards first album's design. COMMUNARDS The CollectionCD: UK (Warner Music - 2564654526)1 [4'50] Don't Leave Me This Way (album version)2 [4'41] So Cold The Night (single version)3 [3'51] There's More To Love (single version)4 [4'28] You Are My World (album version)5 [4'48] Tomorrow (album version)6 [4'28] Matter Of Opinion7 [4'02] Heavens Above8 [4'18] Lovers And Friends9 [5'24] Reprise10 [2'36] Sanctified11 [4'34]... [Lire la suite]
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06 octobre 2012

Jimmy Somerville: Solent EP, now on CD!

After the digital release on 28th May, Solent EP is now available on CD!It is only on bandcamp for £3.99 or more. This is ‘Solent’, the third in a series of EPs from Jimmy. A follow up to the upbeat electronica of the ‘Bright Thing’ EP and the darker 'Momentum' EP this collection of glitzy electro-pop is both an homage to the dance music of Jimmy's youth and a showcase of his seriously contemporary yet timeless sound. Featuring remixes from Fred Falke, Siriusmo, John Winfield and Felix Gauder.
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02 septembre 2012

Jimmy Somerville: Adieu!

"Jimmy first assembled an extended mix of "Adieu" before creating the shorter album cut. he used this club mix to perform a little experiment. He explains, "We didn't put my name on it, we just called it The Madame Tata Mix [Adieu!]. It was a very simple sleeve, like an underground 12-inch [on the french label Barclay]. I got great reviews from these cool underground papers and journalists. When they found out it it was me, they were kicking themselves because that wasn't the review they would have given it. I basically wanted to play... [Lire la suite]
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