Summer is here!

Ten years ago, Jimmy gave us
S u d d e n l y  L a s t  S u m m e r
a collection of acoustic covers…


Suddenly Last Summer 2009


It’s time to (re)discover all these original classical songs:

« An amazing performance from the first track to the last, Jimmy’s voice touches the soul in places seldom visited, making ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ one of his sexiest and most heartfelt records yet. » (The Daily Ring, May 2009)

1. It’s Love by Blossom Dearie in 1959.


« I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself’ takes me back to being a kid, being glued to the TV, watching The Dusty Springfield Show and wondering « is there an unknown world in her big hair? » »

2. I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself by Dusty Springfield in 1964.


« The most obvious song choice is Blondie’s ‘Hanging On The Telephone’ (originally written by The Nerves) though he again strips it of its disco overtones and reduces it to a finger picked guitar and piano ballad. It suits the song perfectly with Somerville’s soul intonations and effortlessly sweet tone and he brings a sadness to the song that is absent from Debbie Harry sung version. It is rare that a cover version can differ so radically from the original and still be as good. » (, June 2009)

3. Hanging On The Telephone by Blondie in 1978


« […] on ‘Black Is The Colour Of My True Love’s Hair’ Jimmy takes the traditional folk song popularised by Nina Simone and creates a smoky torch song paean to lovers. » (, June 2009)

4. Black Is The Colour Of My True Love’s Hair by Nina Simone in 1969


« The mad thing was, blimey… what songs?!! I have 5000+ songs on my i-toons, ARRRRGH!!!! It was so hard to choose. So these songs, they are about times and place for me. That’s the magic of music. » (JS, 2009)

5. Hush by Deep Purple in 1968


« After the album was finally mixed, I realised it really was the case that “Suddenly Last Summer” in Australia, I found myself on Mangrove Mountain, a great studio at my disposal for 6 days, the most wonderful bunch of fellas who are also very talented musicians and technicians, recording songs I have loved for many years. » (Official JS Fan Page, 2009)

6. Sweet Unknown by Cranes in 1997


« Where Have All The Flowers Gone?’ is still as evocative as ever an anti war song. » (JS, 2009)

7. Where Have All The Flowers Gone? by Marlene Dietrich in 1965


«  My Heart Belongs To Daddy’... That is purely for da Bears out there!!! » (Official JS Fan Page, 2009)

8. My Heart Belongs To Daddy by Peggy Lee in 1953