"This is a rose, this is widely recognised as the flower of love. This rose is for all of those who died on the early hours of Sunday morning in Florida.

This rose is for all of those who survived on Sunday morning in Orlando. And this rose is also for you.

Never stop holding the hands, never stop kissing the lips of those you love. Never let anyone take that away from us. So if you love someone, tell them you love them and give them a rose.

I feel sad in side. But I feel angry. And I wanted to send this message out of solidarity. And that song was Why?, and I sung that in 1984 when I was in a band called Bronski Beat and the lyrics are still as meaningful today as they were then.

I feel very emotional. And it's coming form the heart, so this is for you."


"Contempt in your eyes
as I turn to kiss his lips.
Broken I lie
all my feelings denied,
blood on your fist.
Can you tell me why?

You and me together
fighting for our love."