'The Core (John Winfield remix edit)' - free download
On "http://www.facebook.com/officialjimmysomerville", a free download of a brand new track (The Core [John Winfield remix edit]) and the opportunity to win tickets for the Here & Now shows if you sign up to Jimmy Somerville mailing list.

'Momentum EP' on CD with Bandcamp

This 5 track release features brand new original material from Jimmy and was produced, written and arranged by Jimmy and producer John Winfield who has previously collaborated on tracks from Jimmy's album ‘Home Again’ and the Bright Thing EP. The EP also includes two full length remixes by John Winfield of tracks 'Mountains' and 'The Core'.

Tracks are:
1. Mountains
2. Make Way Jerusalem
3. The Core
4. Was Like A Thunder
5. Amen
6. Mountains - John Winfield Remix (Full Length)
7. The Core - John Winfield Remix (Full Length)



Momentum EP CD